Refund and Replacement

A voluptuous opportunity of refund and replacement :

Online shopping is the thing in which you may face some of the mistakes. This happens with people and causes a headache for them. Due to this problem a vast number of people feel hesitation in shopping online from online stores. But don’t be irritant because here emerges iShop Global which entreats you to experience the services and feel the difference. We never let you down in any case. If you experience any error from our side for instance :

  • If you buy one shoes of a brand and by mistake we ship another design or another size of those shoes having same brand, or the like issues may hit you.
  • Or if you yourself want to change the item or to refuse to take the item that you ordered for.

Then no need to feel sorry for that but we’re always here to compensate your loss. You are freely allowed to resend the package and we’ll deliver you the right one.

Our simple and straight forward return package policy:

For the relaxation of our customers we've established a policy about the return of package. This helps you a lot to get rid of the aches of the mistakenly sent items. Because we focus on your satisfaction. All you need to do is to follow these steps :

  • We’ve the return policy of 7 days that within 7 days you have to send back the delivered items to our warehouse, so that we may proceed further.
  • We will pay the item cost from your side.
  • We will manage the shipping fee of the products.
  • You have just to pay return shipping fee if you yourself want to change the item or return the item that you ordered for. But if you receive a wrong item because of our mistake then we won't charge you return shipping fee even just for your facilitation.

And remaining work you just leave on our shoulders. We’ll deliver you your things in your doorstep as soon as possible.

A fine offer of cash on delivery :

As we’re offering you the facility of cash on delivery that you can pay at the time of receiving your packages. Then you need not to worry if you get a different item mistakenly. Because you will have your money in your hands. Only you’ll have to pay the return shipping fee and you will return the package to our warehouse.

Our magnanimous offer of refunding:

Another thing that we facilitate you in is that if you have paid all the charges earlier then we’ll refund your money in case of any issue. You can freely ask for your right and we'll definitely act upon what we've claimed. We only think of your satisfaction and ease because your satisfaction comes first.

iShop Global looks for your cordial vusit:

We courteously look for your experience of iShop Global because unless and until you don't experience the services you won't be able to believe what we say. You can compare the return package facility of our store with other online stores and surely you will feel the difference because our policy is Simole and plain as compared to other online stores. They have got a complicated and confusing sort of a policy which irritates you a lot. But our policy always attracts the customers due to its simplicity and fineness. We're always sure of our words because we never step back from our words. We'll warmly welcome you and wish you the best of your times here being the customers of iShop Global.