About Ishop.Global

ISHOP.GLOBAL is one of the largest online stores in the market with a tested service that allows you to shop from a massive variety of internationally acclaimed products, pay in your preferred way, get competitive prices and a hassle free delivery to your doorstep.

With ISHOP.GLOBAL you will be able to surf through a world of your favorite products, websites and get the best prices for your orders with a total price that is all inclusive of transparent customs and shipping charges. It's convenient, easy and delivered right to your doorstep.

IShop Global is the first international store that is providing a Cash on Delivery service in Pakistan for products from around the world!

Why Ishop.Global ?

Our wide range of authentic products and our internationally recognized shipping services provide the true shopping experience. In fact with our quick and friendly platform you can make a purchase in 4 simple clicks and we will take care of the rest – hidden customs, taxes and shipping – all of that evaded with IShop Global. IShop Global is the hottest store around with products flying off the shelves!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable simple cross-border e-Commerce with the ease of technology and the convenience of swift logistics and payment solutions.